How We Got Started

Pic of Larry and BettyLarry and I were married in September 2007, which prompted my move from the New River Valley to Bent Mountain, Virginia. (Hence the name of the sauce!) I found myself making a “tried and true” recipe for barbecue sauce, and giving it as Christmas gifts to friends and family.  That led to rave reviews and them wanting it more often than just once a year!

In the winter of 2013, I decided it was time to pursue the possibility of making my sauce “official” by working through the process of having my home kitchen “certified” by Roanoke County, the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS), and the recipe tested and approved by the Department of Food Science and Technology at Virginia Tech, and the VDACS office in Richmond, Virginia.  On April 7, 2013, after a home inspection by Roanoke County’s VDACS Food Safety and Security Agent, my home kitchen received “CERTIFICATION!”  A milestone for sure in meeting and surpassing all county and State regulations!  Bent Mountain BBQ Sauce was up and running officially!

Even though I was very proud of this certification, there was one more “feather in my cap” that I wanted.  In 2014, I submitted an application, to be reviewed and sampled by a panel of judges with the Virginia’s Finest Administrator, a Division of Marketing with VDACS.  Exactly one year to the day, April 7, 2014, of my home kitchen receiving certification, Bent Mountain BBQ Sauce received “Virginia’s Finest” certification for meeting all standards for “Processed Food Products” set forth by the Virginia’s Finest Trademark Program!  Just another level of recognition, leaving no doubt in your mind, that Bent Mountain BBQ Sauce will not only meet, but exceed, your highest expectations!

Our Motivation

There are 5 reasons why we make Bent Mountain Barbecue Sauce . . . and they all call us Gramma and PaPa Tractor!

What motivates us on a daily basis is our unconditional love for our grandchildren . . . our pride and source of much love and great joy!  Because our business is motivated by love, Larry and I decided that any profit from the sales of our sauce would be divided between these beautiful grandchildren and deposited in their college funds.

Thus far, has the sale of sauce covered the cost of college for even one grandchild?  No . . . not yet! But with every batch of sauce I make, I think of them.  With every kettle of sauce I stir, I know they will do good things, accomplish much, and give back to the world.  With your purchase of Bent Mountain BBQ Sauce you share in making that happen!  Thank You!!

“Love many things, for therein lies the true strength, and whosoever loves much performs much, and what is done in love is done well.”             Vincent Van Gogh